The achievements of Al Zawraa 






Football Team Achievements 

1973-1974 The football team won the third division championship
1974-1975 Champions League second division and rise to the first division
1975-1976 League Champion +  Cup
1976-1977 Champion - did not organize a championship for the cup
1977-1978 The Second place in Iraqi league
1978-1979 league Champion + Cup
1979-1980 The Second place in Iraqi league
1980-1981 Champion of the Cup
1981-1982 Champion of the Cup
1984-1983 The second place of  Qadisiyah championship
1984-1985 The second place of Al Intisar championship
1985-1986 The second  place in Al Rashid International Championship
1986-1987 The Champion of the second Al Nasir cup (Najaf)

Second place in the Iraqi cup  and second place in the President

of the republic for the division 



The Champion of the Cup + The Champion of Baghdad League

Champion of the first Arab Nation competition 

1989-1990  The Champion of the Cup + The  Champion of the second Arab Nation competition 


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